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Equipment Finance

Access to flexible funding is crucial to assist grow and maintain your business. We seek to understand your requirements and then provide options based on experience to help you to achieve your goals.

Some of the funding options available include;

  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) 
  • Chattel Mortgage 
  • Finance Lease  (click here for a Leasing Calculator)                                      
  • Operating Lease  
  • Fully Maintained Operating Lease  
  • Fleet Management  
  • Escrow or progressive drawdown lines
  • Rental 
  • Insurance Premium Finance (IPF)
  • Revolving Equipment Lines


What facility best suits you and your business?



Commercial Hire Purchase Chattel Mortgage
  • Can the vehicle or equipment plus costs be fully financed?
  • Can I finance the vehilce or equipment less a deposit or trade?
No Yes Yes
  • Can payments can be structured, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually, to meet my cash flow?
Yes Yes Yes
  • Can rentals be claimed as a tax deduction?
Yes No No
  • Can I claim depreciation and interest costs as a tax deduction?
No Yes Yes
  • Do I have an automatic right to purchase the vehilce or equipments at the end of the contract?
No Yes Yes

 Our business is knowing and understanding your business.

Quadrant Financial Solutions, financing your future.